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Alright! I'm happy to report I was able to figure out how to make these things with the program I have. They aren't quite as good as the orginals, but I hope you like them anyway.

I'm pleased to announce the following awards of new badges:

  • MrGoutHimself - DSF Celeb Pics God, Obnoxious Asshole (for being bad assed an awesome), More Than 2 Cents Award (for chattienes) and the exclusive Official Duff Muff Diver badges!
  • el_victorino - More Than 2 Cents Award & Obnoxious Asshole!
  • MEGADOUCHE - Obnoxious Asshole, More Than 2 Cents Award, Sports Enthusiast & DSF Official Suggester!
  • The Godfather - DSF TV Show God, Youtube God, More Than 2 Cents Award, Sports Enthusiast, Spark It Up Award (for being a marijuana afficianado) and the exclusive King of DSF Award!
  • evil420dick - Celeb Pic God, New Era Avatard (for being awarded avatardship under my regime) & Spark It Up Award!
  • TheJuice - DSF TV Show God, DSF Porn Pic God, DSF Porn Video God, Youtube God, More Than 2 Cents Award & Thread All-Star Award!

I really hope you like these. If you feel you deserve any other awards, please let me know and I'll add them.

Also, if I haven't done you yet, you can still let me know of your interest here.

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